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Clarion JM-Kelvin 12 Karaoke Ready DJ Music System


Power Input (AC/DC)                                                         DC adaptor power

supplyWoofer / Subwoofer/ Tweeter (in cms)               30.48cm

S/N Ratio80dBSubwoofer Magnet (in mm)                   100 magneticMax.

Memory Supported (USB/SD)                                           64GB

FM Frequency Scan Range                                                 88-108MHz

MIC Input Port                                                                      1

Power Output RMS                                                              40W



We, Clarion grew into ?The World of Entertainment? alongside a growing portfolio. Today, clarion portfolio meets Audiophiles with LED TVs with built-in Soundbars, grows living spaces taller with Tower Speakers, triggers creativity with DJ Mixers, lights up Professional stage presence with futuristic Sound Technology, Power Amplifiers, Line Array, PA Systems, Transducers and so on. clarion is evolving the world of entertainment into ?Sound Profound?. We exist to empower the perception of sound, because we believe every sound can be profound if we could hear it.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 39 × 34 × 64 cm


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