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Boya BY-V20


Transmission Type                             2.4GHz
Poplar Pattern                                     Omnidirectional
Frequency Response                          20Hz-16kHz
Signal-to-noise Ratio                          80dB
Sensitivity                                            -42dB
Operating Range                                  50m (without obstacles)
RF Output Power                                 6dBm
Charging Port                                        USB-C
Transmitter’s Battery Capacity          95mAh
Transmitter’s Charging Time             Approx.2 hours
Transmitter’s Battery Life                   Approx.9 hours
Receiver’s Power Requirement          Supplied by External Devices


The BY-V series is a professional-grade wireless microphone system ideal for on-the-go recording, whether you’re traveling, recording podcasts, or doing live streams. The BY-V20, designed for most Android devices with USB-C ports, is a dual channel wireless system that comes with 2 transmitters & 1 receiver. It offers a high-quality audio solution at an affordable price, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

– Ultracompact & portable
– Compatible with with devices with USB-C ports
– Omnidirectional built-in mic for 360° sound pickup
– Selectable noise cancellation
– Automatic pairing & plug & play
– 50m operating range


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