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Transmission Type                                       2.4GHz digital frequency
Modulation                                                    Digital modulation
Polar Pattern                                                 Omnidirectional
Antenna                                                          Ceramic antenna
Operating Range (Without Obstacle)      Up to 100m (This value is tested in the open areas without any interferences according to FCC standard.)
RF Output Power                                          <10mw
Distortion                                                       <0.01%
Frequency Response                                    20Hz-20kHz
Sampling Rate                                               48kHz
Bit Rate                                                           16bit
Signal-to-Noise Ratio                                  >85dB
Sensitivity                                                       -42dB
Audio Input                                                   TX: In-built microphone capsule
Audio Output                                                RX: 3.5mm TRS analog output, USB-C and iOS Lightning digital output
Battery Voltage Capacity                           TX:3.7V/95mAh; RX: 3.7V/120mAh
Power Requirements                                   ln-built lithium-ion battery/Charging contacts/ USB-C charging port
ln-built Battery Life                                     TX:Approx.10 hours; RX:Approx.6 hours


BOYALINK is a wireless microphone system with dual 2.4G channels. Equipped with the USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS connectors, BOYALINK is the ultimate solution for content creators who demand high-quality audio recording without the hassle of multiple connectors or adapters. Its all-in-one storage design, dual-channel wireless technology, and easy-to-use setup make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to take their audio recording to the next level.

– All-In-One Storage, Fits All Scenarios

– Ultra-Long Battery Life

– Ready for Use Right Out of the Case

– One Step to Open the Noise Reduction Function

– Sound Like a Professional

– Charge Your Device While in Use

– Customize the Sound You Want

-Dual-Channel Recording

– Automatically Frequency

-Hopping Technology, Powerful Anti-Interference

– User-Friendly Buckle Design


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